07 March 2007

A True "Home"coming

Finally, finally, we're home. After months of anticipation and navigating the rough waters of the river Snafu, we've got permanent signage! It's a very special sign. The only thing is, it doesn't light up adequately at night. It's lit from within with tiny LED lights that are dotted throughout each painstakingly formed letter. At night, the sign exudes a very subtle cherry red glow. Subtle, as in, you really have to look twice. Our 'The' lights up quite nicely, though. As my mom put it, "It looks like our store is called 'The'." Well, we can't have that, can we? I have a call in to my advertising agency, who has a call in to the sign company. We shall get a fix for this. By hook or by crook. Still, with our name hung in cherry red above our door, I finally feel legit.

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Maggie said...

Love your blog I found from raisedincotton. do you put things out in front of your store.Pots of flowers for some color.Would look great big heavy ones from garden shop and you can change them each season? I also saw at a boutique their bags were just brown shopping bags (grocery store color) and they were all sizes but shop owner put gold circle sticker with name of store on outside of bag and then put colored tissue peeking out green blue yellow lilac pink very chic. I too love sitting at my fav coffeeshop(starbucks) journaling with my shopping bags at my feet just enjoying the package! good luck