21 March 2007

Whee! It's a Sale!

Beginning today and running through the end of March, The Blissful Home is having what is, quite frankly, the best sale we've ever had. For ten days only, we are offering never-been-on-sale before merchandise at prices from 10 to 50% OFF! This is the place to be if you're in the mood to treat yourself. Come in and let us show you some of our favorite things...which just might become yours!


CAROL said...


I just found your blog and with great interest have been reading your previous posts on your fabulous business. In the Summer of 2005, myself and two friends took a leap of faith and opened our dream shop. I truly understand the rewards and challenges of your wonderful venture and look forward to following your story. Please visit my website and blog!



The Blissful Home said...

Welcome, Carol!

Thanks for checking out our blog. I looked at your website & blog--what a great shop you and your friends have! I really enjoyed all of your photos. And I like the tagline of your blog: "Fresh Picked Vintage Style." Congratulations to you on the pursuit of your dream in retail. It's great to make contact with independent retailers in other cities. There are so few where I live and I'm hungry for that community! I will be reading along with you.


Sadie Olive said...

Congrats on your store! I am so bummed I can not shop online! I will be checking back to see when you have opened. :)

The Blissful Home said...

Hi, Sadie Olive (Sara)--

Wow! I took a quick look at your blog this morning and can not wait to come back for a deeper read/ perusal later. Your logo on the blog is divinely cool. I'm excited for you and your adventure, too.

Our online shopping is coming, I promise, but unfortunately we are already far outside the timeframe I initially pledged. [sigh] I'm as eager to see it as you are!

Take care and thanks for reading!


Doria said...

Keep up the good work.