07 May 2007

Mom's Day Sale

Debbie and Abby (my mom and I).
Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, May 13th. Here's why I love and appreciate my mom: she gave me life. She helps me figure myself out. She's funny and goofy (I had to get it from somewhere!). She doesn't mind being my sous chef when all I need is someone to crack the eggs. She's been supportive of each and every dream I've ever had. She's loving beyond measure to everyone she knows. She works hard. She looks great in pajamas. And sometimes, when I ask nicely, she'll dress my salad with the perfect blend of oil and vinegar that somehow only her hand can achieve.
Through this Saturday, we're taking 10% OFF our jewelry, candles, and body products. (Sale merchandise excluded). Included in the sale are our paperweights, scrapbooks, and photo albums by Elements/Jill Schwartz. Let us help you match up the perfect gift with that special woman in your life who nurtures, encourages, and makes you feel like the whole world is your oyster.
See you soon!
P.S. I went crazy today taking pictures of our tremendous surprise (see the previous blog), and hardly any of them turned out well because the light in here just wasn't right this morning. As soon as the sun hits the wall next to our cash wrap in just the right way, I will be shutter-buggin' up a storm. Another blog to follow...

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