24 May 2007

A Sale of Delightful Proportions


For all of you diehard holiday shoppers out there, our door will be thrown wide open this Monday for Memorial Day from 10 AM to 5 PM. And there's a SALE...oh, is there ever a sale! Beginning today, save 10-50% on hundreds of items throughout the store. We are clearing out some wonderful things to make room for next season's shipments. Sales abound in just about every category in the shop, so you're sure to find that perfect graduation or hostess gift, gift for yourself, or accessory for your next get-together. Here's a peek at some of our sale items, plus a look at some of our new finds. Pallets and boxes are arriving daily, so be sure to check in regularly to get first shot at what's new! Feast your eyes and read on for more details...

We're in love with our new Cafe de la Tour Eiffel tabletop collection. From our mugs and dessert plates to our latte bowls and mini bowls, this stuff is not only quintessentially French-y, but is sturdy and microwave/dishwasher safe--safe in the hands of your kids and safe after a long night of entertaining when all you want to do is load up that Kitchenaid and fall into bed.

These little birds, carved from bone, are actually corkscrews! A really special hostess gift when you particularly want to impress.

Have a picnic with Louis! Meet Louis, our new collection of plastic picnicware. Available in Minuit (Blue), Rouge (fuschia), and Verte (bright green), we've got 12" plates, 9" plates, and 7" bowls. Add easy panache to your next outdoor gathering. Elegant and striking without the high pricetag.

Our Marmiton pottery, in buttery yellow, rounds out our French Farmhouse-inspired table. Classic French Country style.

We love olivewood and this cheeky guidebook to l'Italia, a great gift for someone taking their first trip OR for the seasoned traveller.

We don't think you can ever have too many fun little drinking glasses. These French Coin glasses are great for water or something a little more lively.

It ticks! It tells time! It filters light beautifully through its metal mesh background printed with an urn. It's a clock!

No French-inspired store worth its salt is without a rooster on something. Get your fix with our plush seat cushions. Wouldn't these look so cheery and handsome on your porch or on your kitchen chairs?

Our Moroccan Mini Tumblers just feel like summer to me. In red, green, purple, and (my favorite) blue. Hold one up to the light and you'll catch the fever, too. Now I just need a cabana on the beach, a bonfire, and a starry night. Romance in a glass.

Red, white, and blue are toujours fresh.

These little babies have the sweetest faces. How can one resist?

Shell chic.

One highlight of our sale: crazy savings on bedding. Our bed, done up in a Bella Notte duvet and sheets, with throw pillows by Bella Notte, Pine Cone Hill, and D.L. Rhein, is a dreamlike summery escape. Remember going to bed when it was still light outside as a kid? Now you'll want to when you're bed is this well-dressed. For the duration of our SALE, save 20% on all Bella Notte (include custom orders) and 40% on all of our other bedding lines. Pillows are marked down, too.

Due to popular demand, we've expanded our line of Barkology tees. In soft, layerable cotton and the juiciest colors and most versatile neutrals, you are sure to love the way these fit. Take it from a curvy girl--these tees are immensely flattering! Available in sizes small through extra large. And for all of us CAT lovers out there, Barkology/Me Me Meow has designed a tee just for us! Try it on here.

Our Metal Jonquil Candelabra look right in all seasons.

Studied Bohemien: our vintage and sea-inspired collection of jewelry by These Flowers, This Moon meets our Wilde's Seaside Holiday picnicware collection. They love each other! Go figure.

Awash in a delicate baby pink, our Bistro au Petit Tonneau tableware collection is the stuff of our Parisian fantasies. (And we have lots of them.)

Our wire scrollwork birdcages are a hot sale item. 'Tis the season.

To serve appetizers on, or to hang on the wall as art, or to use as a message board with pushpins...this is the question. So many uses, so much character, such a great price. We can't stop selling these Parisian Breadboards!

A shade off of robin's egg blue, a shade off of turquoise, our Chez Germain collection of dessert plates, latte bowls, and glasses looks fresh, fresh, fresh.

A vintage shopping cart and antique seltzer bottles from South America add layers of character and charm.

Our little red Chez Pastis bistro display. From shiny little Harem glasses to the perfect red-and-white water pitcher to a fabulously fun serving tray, let our fantasy inspire your own!

A note to all of you reading out there: we are still in the process of creating our website (with e-commerce!). It's a long time coming but hopefully it will be worth it! We are taking the process slowly to make sure we truly love what's being developed. We want our online presence to reflect our store as much as possible and give our shoppers an experience similar to the one they would have in the shop. Meanwhile, if you ever see anything in a photo on this blog that looks interesting, please send me a private e-mail at theblissfulhome@yahoo.com or call the shop at 330-492-2500 and we can discuss pricing and shipping. We ship UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Thanks for reading and if you're in our area, we invite you to come in and spend part of your Memorial Day weekend with us at The Blissful!


Dawn said...

If I had known I would have worked you guys into my weekend plans! Those parisian headboards are to die for! Amazing photographs...I can only imagine how it feels to be surrounded by such beauty on a daily basis. Good Luck with your sale!

Sadie Olive said...

Your shop is to die for! :) And I am so happy to hear you will have an online store. Consider me a future shopper for sure!

The Feathered Nest said...

Beautiful, beautiful store ~ I can tell I would slowly make my way through, enjoying each and every thing! Dawn

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh my word....I will spend all my money there....stunning things you have there....I`ll have to wait for the online store....

k said...

Quelle bien jolie boutique ! j'adore les arrosoirs, les galettes de chaise, les oiseaux ... bref l'ambiance est à croquer !

kristin said...

Quelle jolie boutique, j'aime les arrosoirs en zin, les galettes de chaise, les oiseaux ... tout est à croquer ! bref ... l'ambiance est agréable.

Raindrops said...

What lovely things I wish I could pop in, Tricia

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Eeek, so much lovely stuff. Living in Morocco, I am partial to the Moroccan tumblers and Tunisian birdcages. But I also love the shells (are they made of metal?) and other goodies, too!

The Blissful Home said...

Thanks for all your nice comments, ladies. I hope I get to meet all of you in person someday. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.