20 August 2007

Make Way for Autumn

Yesterday we traveled down to Columbus for another visit to our regional tradeshow. As I have shared before on this blog, we don't shop this market frequently, nor do we buy deeply from its offerings. The predominant 'look' purveyed in most of the showrooms is not quite us. However, we do consistently buy from a couple of them, so we make our way down two or three times a year to take a peek at what's new.


And are we ever glad we went yesterday! We picked up a new tabletop collection for fall/winter, spied out a second one we may decide to bring in, put in our fall/winter VOTIVO order (yes, we will be carrying Christmas Sage and Joie de Noel in their ready-to-gift holiday packaging, as well as Gingerbread in a holiday-ish chocolate brown box). But our best score of the show was a fabulously well-made, perfectly on-trend, and ridiculously well-priced ladies' accessories line which I am keeping under wraps until it shows up in the store. I have to confess that I didn't think a line like this would ever turn up at the Columbus show...or maybe I underestimated the Columbus show! It's fun to find new things to offer, and nice and convenient when you can see them in person without having to get on a plane.


In addition, for all of you who have complimented the "5" necklace I wear very often, we are now offering two other styles from the same collection, both of them with 5's. Come in and see!


And one last thing: our big fall shipment of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks is due to arrive this week, while smaller shipments will arrive periodically throughout the fall. This is our grand attempt to stay well-stocked through the holidays. Please keep in mind that this is one of our most popular collections, and we tend to go from well-stocked to spotty rather quickly. If you have your heart set on some particular styles, I recommend you reserve them now with a 50% deposit rather than take a chance. The second Retiring list has been released, so stop in to see which Blocks will soon become collectors' items (read: once we are sold out of the Retiring blocks, we will not be getting more, as they will no longer be in production after December 1st).


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby: Can you tell me what those cute, lack for a better word, "things" are in the picture? One looks like an owl wearing a crown? They are so cute. Are they for sale? If so, what is the cost. Please reply. If I can swing it, I may call direct to order..

Thank you,

The Blissful Home said...

Hi, Renee--

Ha! Those "things" are actually trays, made of a pressed wood and covered with a laminate. They are made in the South of France and are designed to be wall art, a decorative accent, or a foodsafe serving tray. The archival imagery on them gives a dreamy, otherworldly look. Even prettier in person! And yes, absolutely they're for sale! The owl happens to be my favorite in this series. Please contact me at theblissfulhome@yahoo.com or 330.492.2500 for pricing.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

I love those too! Wish I could pop on a plane and visit your store! Right now! Lucky you getting to shop for such pretty things and bring them home (well, to the store) with you!

Thanks for sharing!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Sounds like you are busier and busier. I have been unpacking Christmas, too...it's fun, and most days I am covered in peanuts or glitter!

Hope you are doing well...love to visit your blog, as always!

The Blissful Home said...


When a woman says she's covered in peanuts & glitter, you know she must be a retailer! Ha!


Mélanie said...

I want to see the new collection that you have found in Columbus . I can not wait to see it.I love this south of France things