15 August 2007

We've Finally Arrived

The day before yesterday, I received in the mail for the first time an invitation to the Maison et Objet show in Paris! Now mind you, they got my name from a list of retailers somewhere, undoubtedly because I am registered for some of the domestic tradeshows. But still. The thought of me being included on this list, period, was a little thrill, one that I wanted to share. I am still new enough at this shop owning thing to stand back and say to myself, "Wow. I'm a shop owner." Three years ago, doing anything retail-related was so far out of the realm of anything I ever expected to do with my life that it's funny. I mean, I never meant to do this. And here I am, loving (almost) every minute of it.


The almost part is the one exception I have to make for a couple months back when, moving a heavy box in our storage room, my shoulder accidentally nudged our fire extinguisher off of its wall mount, deploying the thing and sending pungent-tasting (yes, I forgot to close my mouth for the first five seconds or so) white powder flying all over our storage room, our boxes of merchandise, our window treatments, and...all over me. Of course. It was real fun cleaning that up.


And so, thanks to a glossy little leaflet that arrived in my mailbox straight from France, I feel, this week, that I've finally arrived.


McMaster & Storm said...

funny, we received the same invitation. I was in awe for a minute as it would be a blast to go. That would be the ultimate gift show to attend! I've been told the displays are out of this world! Well, maybe we could split a room someday....I can see it now! ha! The flea markets there are amazing, too bad the Euro is so strong @ the moment! sigh

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Good for you! :-)
Next time maybe you will "arrive" in Paris! A girl can dream! I was there and in Venice in November, and it was positively dreamy!
Keep up the good work!


The Blissful Home said...


Yes, a joint buying trip to Paris would be SO much fun. We'll have to keep that in mind.

Have a beautiful weekend.


The Blissful Home said...


Positively dreamy...I can believe it. Glad you had the chance to go and experience the two cities.