26 February 2007

Lookie Here

Just wanted to give you a peek at a new addition to our Jewelry collection. What you see, above, is one of our new chunky initial bracelets. The designer says that his collection represents a collage of his great passions for travel, antiquing, fashion, fine art, and craft. Sounds like a guy after our own hearts, right ladies?

The chain and charm are a bronze-y, antiqued gold color and the charm is lightly etched with an initial. This is one piece both my mom and I adore and would wear. It's rare when that happens! These are heavy, well-fashioned bracelets and the tone of the metal complements a wide range of skin tones.

By the way, have you noticed that gold is back? It was all white gold, platinum, or sterling silver for a while there, wasn't it? For me, gold looks very refreshing and now. Understandably, it will take some people a while to adjust their eyes. (For an interesting commentary on the psychology behind this topic, visit the blog of this fledgling jewelry designer: http://theseflowersthismoon.blogspot.com/.) I have to remember that some people will only be wearing silver for the next five years. On that note, we are replenishing our collection of La Vie Parisienne bracelets and necklaces, in which many styles are available in antiqued gold or antiqued silver. Me? I switch between. The embellishments (beads, stones, etc.) are more important to me than the chain or the settings. But my switching-between does beg the question: when the engagement is imminent (way down the road, people!), do I go white gold or gold gold? Thoughts?

In addition to the chunky initial bracelets, we are also carrying some of this designer's pins (Not the pin-wearing type? Try one on your winter scarf!) and some bronze-y gold cuffs set in with enamel detailing. Very special and very feminine. They're so...well, you'll just have to see them.


Anonymous said...

White gold or gold gold, for something as (hopefully) life-long as an engagement ring, go with what works best with your skin tone and hair color...being a rosy, fair skinned blond, it was a no brainer, this golden girl went with gold gold...fashion and fads come and go, but go classic and you'll never fail. P.S. Was in your shop yesterday...this francophile felt like she'd found a new friend!

The Blissful Home said...

Good point, Golden Girl. I do think selecting jewelry that complements one's own coloring is the way to go. So glad you enjoyed shopping here yesterday. You are welcome as often as you get the urge!