13 February 2007

A Wintry Whoo-Hoo!

I am a roofer's daughter. This means that by nature or by nurture, I am mildly obsessed with weather patterns. I sometimes even watch the Weather Channel. For fun. In college, my roommates would walk into the room, stop short, and say, "Why are you watching the Weather Channel?" Why not? I'd think. Didn't anyone but me wonder what it was going to do outside?

I have previously mentioned on this blog about how much I love snow. And boy, are we getting some snow today, so much so that I wonder if we will be able to stay open until 5 o'clock. It might be a good idea to call first (330-492-2500) if you are planning to stop by today or tomorrow. If I don't answer or call you back within ten minutes, chances are we have closed early due to inclement weather.

So drive safely out there if drive you must. Watch out for the other guy. Cook up something good for dinner. At my house, it's going to be Parmesan-Dijon Chicken with Bruschetta. Yum.

Wintry days like this one are made for nesting. Enjoy yours.

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