15 February 2007

A Wintry WAAAAH!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, one of those days. We decided to open even though the roads were still mildly hellish. My brother came in to assemble a heavy industrial shelf I desperately needed for my storage room. At about noon, he was working on that, my mom was assisting him, and I was gaily checking in a delivery of French perfumes and bubble baths that had just arrived when I looked up at the ceiling over our Apothecary area and said, "Oh my God!" "What?" cried my mom. "Look our our ceiling!" I moaned. Near to twenty ceiling tiles, as you can see, were brown with water stains and slightly bulging. Something nasty had happened over night, and the ceiling tiles were evidence of the havoc that had been wreaked. My dad came to inspect. Upon popping one tile out, we were treated to a brisk, steady drip of cold water. Nice. Happy freakin' Valentine's Day.

Remember that blog I wrote the other day extolling the joys of snowfall--nay, of blizzards? Would you mind if I ever so delicately ate my words???

But don't worry. We're open, we're smiling, and those tiles (and the roof above them) will be replaced and repaired as soon as they can be. Which hopefully is VERY soon. Because I still really love winter, and I'd like to hold onto that feeling.

So come and see us. Just don't look up. :)

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