22 June 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

"Cafe au lait, please...in a dish."
At The Blissful, we are known for our French-inspired finds and furnishings. But did you know we have an interest in matching up French-inspired dogs with great homes? Take a look at some of our favorite pups with personality.

This little toughie wears his France & Hammer Necklace collar proudly. (Our necklace looks great on two-legged people, too.)

Chien a la Sophia Loren on the Cote de Mer, circa 1955.

This little puppy had an unfortunate accident, but he has a great attitude. Wouldn't you like to make his little day?


Gypsy Purple said...


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh I love him!! Such a sweet little pup! I love to check your blog and see what you're up to at your sweet store ~ inspiration is everywhere ~ xxoo, Dawn

McMaster & Storm said...

Thanks for your post! @home & Lily's Emporium---they are great stores & the gals behind both are fun. Yes, we have been busy & looks like you will have another blog this fall. I like the dots! Country Living's photographer shows up @ the store this thurs. Whew, what a week, but interesting too. Check for new blog post soon!
Kara & Darcy too

jessi nagy said...

so funny! I love it.
jessi nagy