01 June 2007

Need a Pick-Me-Up?

The temps are high, so I thought you might need a little lift. You know my real chatty posts? This won't be one of them. Just wanted to share a few images of some great items that are still on sale, such as our French Doormats (above and below), which are 50% OFF.

Fresh Lavender Bouquets are 20% OFF.

Select garden and patio furniture is 20 to 40% OFF, including our Estella Chairs (throw pillows not included).

Our in-demand Fleur de Lis tubs are 20% OFF. If you want these, get thee to The Blissful, because there aren't too many left! In large, medium, and small, these are perfect for planting or for ice and beverages at your next party.

For a limited time, we're offering our wonderful Bella Notte bedding collection at 20% OFF, including custom orders. Our other bedding collections are 40% OFF what we currently have in the shop. Time to transition to lighter weight stuff!

Our Madame Bovary and The Raven candles by Sprig are 50% OFF. Subtle scents and adorable, literary-inspired packaging. A portion of all sales goes to purchasing storybooks for underprivileged children.

Our retro-inspired aprons are 10% OFF. 'Tis the season to whip up a light meal in a flirty, colorful apron, don't you think?

Because so many of you are traveling or gearing up for a nice vacation, we're offering our new line of cosmetic bags (in three convenient sizes) by Simply Sarah at 20% OFF. In Cherry Blossom, Pink Dot, and Fleur-de-Bee. (Fleur-de-BEE!)

Scarves are tres au courant. These look so cute knotted in your hair, worn as a belt, or tied onto your handbag or beachbag. Our collection is 50% OFF.

And that's not all. Come visit us and see what's waiting for you...


these flowers, this moon said...

I love your scarves. My friend told me that on her latest trip to Paris she noticed how many scarves French women wear.

Inspired, she bought a lightweight scarf. The saleswoman helped her tie and wrap it in various fashionable ways, commenting that the French wear scarves year-round in varying weights and thicknesses.

After my friend bought her scarf and wore it the following day, a different saleswoman in Paris mistook her for a French woman; she was very flattered!

Daisy Cottage said...

Gorgeous things!!

Abby Kerr said...

Thank you, Kim! Might I add that the photos in your latest blog post are absolutely so pretty? I want to reach out and touch that ruffly fabric!

Cynthia said...

Hi, Just found your site, WOW, love it! Ok, want the french doormats and a host of other things, which I lived near. I am in WI, yea, I know, not very french, but am at heart! So when can one order online?? Thanks, and keep on with The Blissful Home.

The Blissful Home said...

Hi, Cynthia--

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our shop is in Ohio, so trust me when I say that you can be French at heart no matter where you live!

Our beautiful new website, complete with online shopping, should go live in approximately 12 weeks (maybe sooner). We will have a selection of our goods available to purchase. Meanwhile, if you're curious about anything you see in the blog photos (such as the doormats), send me a private e-mail at theblissfulhome@yahoo.com and I'd be happy to give you a price plus a shipping quote.

Thanks for reading & introducing yourself!


J said...