20 June 2007

One Item, Three Ways

Yesterday when my customer Ingrid and her friend pulled up at the store, I was outside pinning a $20 bill to a rosebush. Stranger things have happened around here, but rarely do anyone other than my mom and I witness them!
I was staging a photo shoot for my new blog, which I've been devoting so much time to that I fear I've been neglecting this one!
Never lacking for inspiration (well, okay, sometimes lacking for inspiration...but never for long), here is a fresh new post with some inspiration for YOU.
Upon a suggestion from a friend, I thought it might be neat to do an occasional post showing you a couple different ways to use some of our favorite finds. I love using objects in unconventional, not-intended-for-this-purpose ways.
The ideas I'm showing you today aren't all that out of the box, but these little green cast iron pots are too cute not to be included.

Une: The basic use: pop an overblown flower into the vase for a chic meets rustique effect.

Deux: Use as a pencil or pen holder. Or how about for your makeup brushes?

Trois: Tuck moss around a taper candle for some seat-me-at-a-table-in-a-European-chateau charm. Do one at every place setting and let each guest take hers home at the end of the night. Or try one on a small shelf, tucked into a summer windowsill, or on your bedside table for some candlelit reading.

What do you think?


Gypsy Purple said...

Great ideas...love your other blog as well!!!!

SweetAnnee said...

I LOVE all the ideas..and at any time of the year
I may use them all!!
but alas the rose is MOST beautiful!!