07 June 2007

Nouveau Merch

We still believe in fairytales. So does 'Dido' by Sid Dickens. Draped across her plaster decolletage is a necklace from our new collection. Pendants of translucent glass with hand-drawn messages hang from whisper-thin sterling silver chains. Come in and be among the first to see and try on these delicate beauties in person. Doubleclick the photo above to view the necklace up close.

Be transported by our Pink Paris Paperweight.

Also new at The Blissful: a vintage-inspired collection of cosmetic and travel bags by the much-lauded Stephanie Johnson. Based on a 1920s European Metro motif, this fabric is matte treated and specially coated to withstand moisture and lipgloss smears. In five perfect shapes and sizes, complete with essential inner pockets.

Our French Franc Plates make adorable little catch-alls for your pocket change, jewelry, or even an assortment of bon-bons for your next girl talk.

New art has arrived! Come meet 'The Guitarist.' Haven't seen just the right piece for that wall you're looking to adorn? Ask us about our online art catalog.

New creations from Elements/Jill Schwartz. Designs from her Spring '07 collection are on the way!


Gypsy Purple said...

What totally lovely things!!!!

Raindrops said...

I love to see all the items in your shop. Only wish I could visit it. Tricia