30 June 2007

Full-On Summer

It's full-on summer here at The Blissful. Here's a peek at some of our inspiring favorites.
While there are still a few shopping days left until July Fourth, we're offering our favorite Franco-American-inspired linens and chair pads for your holiday picnic at 20-25% off.

We almost cried tears of joy when we unwrapped our new collection of handbags from a New York-based designer. These have more of a fall persuasion, but it's never too early to start getting ideas. We can't decide which one is our favorite: the Starry Tartan Tote, the Velvet Jamavaar, or the French Gypsy Bag. Best of all: there's more to come!

Our Chandelier Messenger Bag is the perfect laptop bag, school bag, or (why not?) a diaper bag. No one ever said you had to carry one that was all baby bunnies or firetrucks. With plentiful interior pockets and a detachable mini bag, you can be a chic mama (with or without bébé) with this elegantly embroidered Italian fabric. Available in two colorways.

Our Chandelier Sack Bag is the perfect accompaniment to your going-out-to-dinner ensemble. Jeans, heels, great earrings, and this bag. You go.

The Blissful Home en été.

The Sorbonne Loveseat.

Wine-inspired goodies.

I'm afraid these would make us want to nibble every time we walked into our kitchen.

Our exciting new candle line: Claus Porto. In summery scents with vivid packaging. These clean-burning soy candles give up to 70 hours of the finest French fragrance while slowly revealing their own unique Art Deco-inspired etched-glass designs. Our favorite: Lelite (Orange Amber).

When ticking met toile.

Our Open-Air Market Bags are made from vintage grain sacks. Soft leather handles finish the "I'm not just a tourist" look.

The Blissful will be closed on the Fourth of July. Vive la liberté, la France, et l’Amerique!


a la mode designs said...

Hi, Abby!

I am SO loving the new product that has arrived at your shop! I can't wait to stop in and take a peek. :)

See you soon,

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful!!! I will stop in soon to see it all up close and personal!!


McMaster & Storm said...

Hi! Abby!
Your store looks great....Darc & I just need to take a break and come c u!
This week is crazy, we're designing Annie Oakley T's for Annie Oakley days. Our version that would make Annie proud. Hopefully they'll be a staple in our store. Didn't we all do a book report on her?
We're in a process to get a website done. I checked out a la mode designs from your comments & her web page is too cute. I'm impressed! Any thought on this, ok this is too long need to ring you instead.

Renee said...

Hi, i found your blog through a comment you left on inspireco. Wow! What a beautiful store you have. Absolutely stunning, everything that i love. So inspirational, i look forward to reading your blog regularly. Renee x

Gypsy Purple said...

Fabulous stuff!!!!
The last 2 pics are my favourite!!!

Fifi said...

This is just too great! As a French girl (born and raised in Paris) I can truly appreciate your amazing merchandise. Now, the BIG question is how does one proceed to order something? C'est possible? Oui?
Can't wait for your website boutique to open.